Frequently Asked Questions


Visiting NorthCreek

Where should I park?

On Sunday mornings, we park cars on our campus, next door at the Ygnacio Woods office complex, and across the street in the Centre Pointe parking lot. The rest of the week, please only park in the NorthCreek campus lot, as the other lots are in use by their respective businesses. Out of respect for our neighbors, please do not park on the neighborhood streets.

Do I need to bring a Bible?

We believe the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, to be the inspired Word of God, without error in the original writings; the complete revelation of His will for the salvation of men, and the Divine and final authority for all Christian faith and life. We encourage you to bring your Bible when you attend, but if you have forgotten yours, or do not have one, our ushers will be happy to lend or give you one to use and take home with you.

Are your buildings wheelchair accessible?

Handicap parking and access is available at each main entry door.

I've visited NorthCreek, now what?

We're glad you asked! If you are interested in getting more information about any specific ministries, please check the boxes on either the visitor card (get one from an usher or the Welcome Center) or a connections card in your bulletin and someone will get in touch with you.

How do I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved and plugged-in at NorthCreek Church. We have classes and small groups for all ages and "LifeStages." Stop by our Welcome Center for more details, or check out the Ministries section of our website to gain more information.

How often do you take communion?

We typically take part in communion the first weekend of each month. We believe that communion is for those who have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. You do not have to be a member of NorthCreek Church to take part in communion, nor are you obligated in any way to take part. Simply let the trays pass by.

Do I need to donate money when I visit?

NorthCreek Church encourages biblical giving, however our guests are not expected to give anything.

Do you give invitations at the end of the service?

No, but we would love to meet you, talk with you, and pray with you. The prayer team, staff, and elders are located at the front of the platform after each service. Our senior pastor is also available after the services.

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Life at NCC

What's the process for getting married at NorthCreek?

We hold a high view of marriage, as it is God’s design for human relationships and provides the framework for society itself. Because of this, our decision to be involved with you in your marriage ceremony is not something that we take lightly. Our desire is to provide tools for a successful, godly marriage, not merely to assist you with a wedding ceremony. To learn about our premarital counseling program, preparing for marriage, and reserving the facility, visit the Wedding Planning page.

Where can I get information about holding a funeral at NorthCreek?

Please contact the church office if you would like to hold a funeral or memorial service here at NCC.

I hear lots of talk about membership at NCC. Do I need to join?

We believe that joining a local church allows us to experience:

  • God’s presence through worship that addresses the deepest longing of our heart and the greatest goal of life

  • God’s people in a place where we can both be ministered to and minister to others

  • God’s peace by applying and obeying the principles found in God’s Word
God’s power equipping us to help fulfill His great commission... to 'make disciples of all the nations'

The membership class is 4 weeks long and is held 2 times a year, in March and September. During this class you'll learn more about what we believe and teach, about our ministries, and about the privileges and responsibilities of membership. We meet during the 9AM Sunday worship service and Lifestage classes. If you are interested in getting additional information or signing up for our next class, contact 925.210.9036 or register online.

I need help in my marriage/family/job/etc. Can NorthCreek help?

NCC has an extensive biblical counseling program where you can meet with a trained Biblical Counselor for help in walking through any issue of life. You can also visit Need a Hand? to see what resources we make available to those in need. Contact the church office if you'd like help finding these resources.

Do you have a prayer chain?

NorthCreek publishes a weekly prayer list which is available in the Welcome Center. If you would like to be included on this list, write your request on the back of the Connections Card in your bulletin, and place it in the offering plate on Sunday morning. If you would like to submit a confidential request for prayer, please check the box on the Connections Card, and you will be prayed for, but your request will not be published. If you have an urgent request, call the church office.

Can NorthCreek help me find a mentor/accountability partner?

Discipleship is an important way for a Christian of any age to grow in their faith. NCC would love to help you find a discipler to meet with, or help you connect with a younger man or woman who you can disciple (all discipleship relationships are same-gender). Men's and Women's discipleship information can be found here. Youth can contact the Student ministries pastor.

How big is the congregation?

We typically have around 1,500 people attending on Sunday mornings, with another 500 in the Sunday children's programs.

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Biblical Counseling

How are counselors trained?

Each counselor has gone through at least three phases of training before being formally assigned to meet with a counselee:

  • They complete the nine-month course called Cornerstone, using the Self-Confrontation Manual, completing all the homework assignments along with the required, supplementary reading
  • Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling class
  • Co-counsel with another counselor

Steve Mawhorter, Director of the Biblical Counseling Ministry, supervises all counselors on a monthly basis. Continuing education seminars and conferences are held throughout the nation and the Ministry team travels together to attend. Some choose to further their studies at the college level, or by pursuing certification. Training and further development is an extensive, on-going endeavor.

Where can I learn more about biblical counseling?

For more information, we recommend:

  • The Self-Confrontation Manual, developed by John C. Broger
  • How to Counsel Biblically, compiled by John MacArthur and The Master’s College faculty
  • Competent to Counsel, by Jay Adams
  • The Christian Counselor’s Manual, by Jay Adams
  • The Journal of Biblical Counseling
What are the fees for counseling?

All counseling done by the Biblical Counseling Ministry is free of charge as a ministry of NorthCreek Church. However, if someone wishes to make a contribution, it will be deposited in the church’s general fund.

How long will counseling last?

Counseling can last anywhere from four to twenty sessions. When a believer has set his/her heart on pleasing and glorifying God, the process is much shorter. It just depends on whether one really sets his heart on pleasing and glorifying God. All other things seem to fall into place.

How long does each session last?

One and one-half hours is the standard session, but at times it may be longer. We are here to love people and help them to change and grow. We’re not on a clock.

How do you determine whether something is an organic problem?

We don’t. That is a job for a medical professional. We deal with the spiritual issues of one’s life and let the doctors do what they do. Occasionally, we may suggest that a counselee have a physical examination by his/her doctor.

What are the most common reasons that people come in for counseling?

We see people for a wide range of issues, such as marital problems, depression, grief, anger and unforgiveness, anxiety, parenting, fear, confusion, and pre-marital counseling.

Whom do I call to get the ball rolling?

Please contact Darcy Pollard at the church office (925-210-9036) for more information, or to schedule an appointment. Steve Mawhorter meets with the counselee(s) for the initial sessions (called intakes). A counselor will then be chosen for you based on experiences, talents, gifts, gender, availability, etc., and the two of you will coordinate schedules for your appointments.

Can someone receive counseling if they are not a member or attender of NorthCreek Church?

Yes, but we like to see them at least attend our church while receiving counseling. This is, of course, negotiable. If there is a waiting list, priority is given to NorthCreek members and attenders.

What about confidentiality?

We understand that the nature of the information we deal with is highly personal, and thus, we will do everything we can to guard the information entrusted to us. However, there may be situations whereby we may be legally or religiously obligated to share certain information with others. For example,

  • If you are a danger to yourself or someone else
  • If there is physical or sexual abuse reported
  • If we discern that your pastor should know so that he can shepherd you

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Misc. NCC

Can I check out books from the NorthCreek Library?

Yes! The NorthCreek Library is located in the Worship Center, in two different locations.The main library is located on the northeast side of the Worship Center on the first floor in room WC126. The reference library is located upstairs in the Conference Rooms. Getting a library card to check out books is easy, visit the Library page for details

Why does NorthCreek use the ESV − do I have to use this translation?

NorthCreek primarily uses the ESV in preaching and scripture memorization because of its balance of accuracy to the original text, and its readability. We also use the NASB. You do not have to switch Bible translations, although we do encourage you to read and study from a word-for-word literal translation, rather than a thought-for-thought dynamic equivalence translation. We have a helpful comparison to further explain what this means.

Still have questions?

If we didn't answer all of your questions above, we encourage you to call or email us. We would love to chat with you. Our phone number is 925.210.9036, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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