Sojourners LifeStage Class 

Sunday | 9 a.m. | Room 124

Every Sunday morning this LifeStage Class serves the senior adult segment of our congregation. We gather for Biblical instruction, fellowship, and mutual encouragement. Participation in these classes serves as an important part of being involved in the church community.

Upcoming Events: 

Sojourners Spring Lunch
Monday, May 20 | 11:30 - 2:15 p.m. | Chapel | Cost $10

Join us for lunch, followed by words of encouragement by Pastor Kent and singing some of your favorite hymns. 

Click here to view our flyer. You may print and mail the registration to our address below or you also have the option of signing up online by CLICKING HERE. 

Reservations are due by Monday, May 14, 2019.



NorthCreek Community Groups

Community Groups (also known as CGs) are a key way to grow in your relationship with others as well as in your relationship with Jesus Christ. They meet all over the East Bay. A key part of NorthCreek's mission is to walk in love, regularly meeting together with other believers for study, fellowship and prayer is a great way to do this!


Goal of CGs

The goal of these groups is to live out Acts 2:42, through:

  • Teaching: growing in our knowledge and application of God’s Word
  • Fellowship: growing with God’s people
  • Prayer: growing in our relationship with and dependence on God

Who, What, When, Where

The Community Groups at NCC all look different. Some CGs are larger and meet on campus, others are smaller and meet in homes. Some CGs are made up primarily from one LifeStage, others are a multi-generational mix. Some groups discuss Sunday's Sermon, others move through a topical curriculum, others do an inductive study of a book of the Bible. Some meet weekly, some meet bi-weekly; there's a CG to fit almost any schedule. If you would like to get plugged into a group, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..