God's heart for the orphan is clear: care for them. So we desire to support families in their exploration and pursuit of adoption or foster care, raising awareness and resources within the church to care for "distressed orphans," and partnering with other like-minded ministries to provide local and global orphan care.

Financial Resources

There are many forms of support available for those who need financial assistance with their adoption. Below are examples of a few.*


Shaohannah's Hope is a fund that awards financial grants to qualified families already in the process of adopting.

The National Adoption Foundation gives quarterly grants ranging from $500 to $4,000 to adopting parents.

United Way International provides assistance for costs of travel for adopted children needing immediate medical attention.


The ABBA Fund allows adopting couples to request interest free financial assistance in any amount, based upon their needs.

A Child Waits Foundation Provides low interest loans for families who do not have any other option than to request a loan in order to proceed with international adoption.

The National Adoption Foundation is an unsecured low-interest loan program offering an additional source of needed funds without pledging their homes or other forms of collateral.


A Mothers Love Fundraising was started by an adoptive mother who is helping to plan fundraising events for prospective adoptive parents.

Community Fundraisers can be a way for prospective adoptive families to address their need for help with their churches and civic community organizations in their local area.

Child Adoption Funds can allow families to create a tax-exempt entity that can reduce your family's adoption expenses by 15-40%.

*These resources do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of NorthCreek Church.

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Another way NorthCreek serves children and families in need is through Safe Families. Click here to find out more information.