Spanish Sunday Bible Study - COMUNIDAD BIBLICA HISPANA

Meets each Sunday | 11:00 am  | NorthCreek Church, WC 124

Come join us for fellowship, music, teaching and prayer in Spanish.  We seek to glorify God and know more about His Son, Jesus Christ, through the study of the Bible.

Childcare is available during this time.

For more information and location please call 925-627-4470 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Domingos a las 11:00 am | Iglesia de NorthCreek, salón 124

Nosotros buscamos glorifica a Dios y conocer más sobre su hijo, Jesucristo, mediante el estudio de la Biblia.

Lo invitamos a participar en un estudio bíblico todos los domingos, donde encontrará compañerismo, música, enseñanza, y oración.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, llamar al 925-627-4470



Homeless Ministry

Homeless Ministry provides food, hygiene items, clothing, and blankets, as well as encouragement through sharing the gospel and spiritual conversations with the men and women that our team meets.


Share Life

NorthCreek offers a variety of ministries to engage people in our community for the purpose of advancing the gospel. For more information please call (925) 210-9036 and ask for Local Outreach. Below is a list of local outreach opportunities.

Bay Area Chaplains

The Bay Area Chaplains provide a comprehensive pastoral ministry to all the inmates of the Martinez, Marsh Creek, and West County Detention Facilities that includes counseling, discipleship, Bible studies and worship. In addition, they provide other services to residents, staff, public officials and the community that will enhance the overall ministry and encourage and counsel individuals within the facility, including the staff of the correctional officers and administrators.


Find out more at

Options for Women

The popular culture and secular media continue to deceive women and men: "The only way out of a difficult situation is abortion. The only solution to an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy is to end it." Options for Women, located in Concord, provides women practical advice, information, encouragement, and love - in order to help them know God's alternative to abortion. They exist to extend the love of Christ by showing an interest in and prayerful concern for each woman.

Find out more at

Bay Area Rescue Mission

Bay Area Rescue Mission offers shelter, clothing, job and life skills, while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible studies and counseling, which empowers the homeless and needy toward change.


Find out more at

Homeless Ministry

Homeless Ministry provides food, hygiene items, clothing, and blankets, as well as encouragement through sharing the gospel and spiritual conversations with the men and women that our team meets.


Food Pantry

The Food Pantry offers food to those from our church or community who are in need. Hours are 10:00 am to 12:00 pm every Tuesday. 

Retirement Home Visits

Retirement Home Visits provides an opportunity for those who are unable to attend church to participate in worship through hymns, prayer, and a devotion from the Word of God and enjoy fellowship with other believers.

Safe Refuge For Children + Families

Safe Refuge For Children hosts vulnerable children who are in crisis family situations and creates extended family-like supports through a community of church networks of devoted volunteers.

Welcome Home

NorthCreek offers a variety of events which provide you an opportunity to invite friends to church.  Please see our church calendar to get more information.  Below is a list of events to be aware of throughout the year.

Sports Camp - Kids in grades K-8th.  A fun-filled, energy-packed week designed to lead campers in developing athletic skills, godly character, and good sportsmanship. Sports featured include baseball/t-ball, flag football, floor hockey, basketball and soccer.  This camp takes place in June.


Day Camp- NorthCreek's VBS!  An exciting week in August where children in grades K-5th learn biblical truths through song, drama, puppets, crafts, and recreation time.

Fall Festival- A Halloween alternative for only up to 5th grade (preschool-5th) ages featuring games, prizes, and candy!

Clothesline- Freecycle clothing outreach event in September.  Donate and get gently used clothing and shoes for babies, children, maternity, women, and men.

Christmas Craft Workshop - An event where children come and make Christmas decorations and gifts for their families, hear a Christmas story, and enjoy Christmas treats!

The Story- Famous works of art by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and artists throughout history are created onstage with elaborate sets and living cast members. The profound and highly personal story of God's redemptive work will be presented through music, artwork, and narrators.

Click an event for details.

Evangelism Training

The following is a recording of Pastor Jim Daggs giving a series called Gospel of Grace.  It is a wonderful resource to those wanting to learn more about sharing the gospel with others.

Gospel of Grace 1: Biblical Evangelism

Gospel of Grace 2: Understanding the Gospel of Grace

Gospel of Grace 3: Presenting the Gospel of Grace

Gospel of Grace 4: Personal Testimony

Gospel of Grace 5: Responding to Objections

Gospel of Grace 6: What Next?

Gospel of Grace - Evangelism Training Booklet

Sharing Christ with Your Muslim Neighbor

In August of 2013 we had the privilege of hosting one of our Global Partners who works among Muslim peoples about the joy and technique of sharing Christ in a Muslim context. He examined some of the major theological issues that you should be familiar with and some good questions that you could ask. One encouraging realization that we had was that there are many in our church who are already being faithful to be witnesses to their neighbors, which is great!

If you would like to watch the video from this workshop, you will need a password (to protect the security of our partners on the mission field). Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 925.210.9036 and we'll be glad to give you the password!

If you are looking for resources to use in sharing Christ with Muslims, our global partner also recommended this website: