Family Camp 2020

Family Camp 2020

Friday, July 17, 2020 - Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Did you know that Family Camp has been a NorthCreek tradition since 1977? We will once again return to Sugar Pine Point State Park, located near beautiful Lake Tahoe. Join us for a wonderful time of fellowship and fun, featuring worship, singing, campfires, crafts, games, swimming, hiking, and so much more! Our speakers this year will be Kent Dresdow and Steve Mawhorter. We have 80 campsites available, with a variety of stay options! So, mark your calendar for the upcoming registration window of March 2 – 15. This year we will be implementing a whole new registration process, which will be unveiled on Sunday morning, February 23 and online after that.


Family Camp is a fantastic opportunity to develop and deepen friendships with others from NorthCreek Church. Last year over 350 people from NorthCreek Church enjoyed morning chapels, evening campfires, crafts for the younger kids and baptisms at Meeks Bay.

Mornings: Bring your camp chairs for an hour-long outdoor chapel under the beautiful trees! Worship time through will begin at 9 am. This will be followed by a teaching from God's Word. Younger children (ages 4-10) will enjoy their own Children's Chapel during the last half of our chapel time.

Mid-day: After chapel, enjoy free time however you choose: hiking, boating, rafting, swimming, sunning, sightseeing, or napping. Spend time with your family or get to know other families. Children's Crafts (for ages 4-10) will be held on Sunday.

Evening Campfires: Held nightly, at 7:00 pm. You won't want to miss these, as they are filled with more worship time through singing, and other fun activities like team games, jokes, baptism testimonies and reflections!

Special Activities

Friday, July 17 | BBQ: No energy to cook after driving and setting up camp? No problem. We will be hosting a BBQ at 6 pm, complete with your choice of tri-tip, chicken or hot dogs. This is a great way to kick off our time together. Did you know over 300 people attended the BBQ last year?

Tuesday, July 21 | Baptism Celebration at Meeks Bay: Tuesday's chapel begins at 9 am, and will be held at Meeks Bay. This is the highlight of the week for most of our campers. Conducting baptisms and having chapel on the beach surrounded by the stunning vistas of Lake Tahoe is a blessed experience!

Wanting to get baptized at Family Camp? Please pick up a Baptism Handbook in the Welcome Center, complete the application and email Steve Mawhorter to set up a meeting.



This year we are implementing a new and improved registration process! This change has come about as a way to help facilitate your desire to be placed in a group with the lifelong friends you like to camp with, as well as have the opportunity to meet new people, who have been lovingly and thoughtfully placed in strategic locations, using pastoral oversight. A major perk to this new system, is that it can be done from the comfort of your own home! No need to show up at 5 am in the morning, to stand in line to reserve your campsite. During this window, groups will be placed first, according to preference and then single families will be placed, all according to the order in which emails were received.

How does this work?

If you desire to camp in a GROUP, follow these simple steps:

                  1. Elect a group leader. This will be the point person that
                       will represent the group.
                   2. Send an email to Pastor Steve Mawhorter between
                       March 2 – 15, with the following information:
                           a. Name of the group leader
                           b. Number of campsites needed
                           c. Names of the families in your group
                           d. Top 3 campsite preference groupings, in order
                                of priority. Please refer to the Campsite Roster
                                and Map tabs to see available sites. 
                                For example: “My name is Janet Jones (group
                                leader) and our group would like 4 sites. Our first
                                preference is sites 1-4, our second choice is sites
                                60-63, and our third is 27-30. The families in our   
                                group are the Jones, Smiths, Browns and
                                Wilsons.” · If you truly have no preference, then
                                let us know!

If you are an INDIVIDUAL family, follow these steps:

                    Send an email to Pastor Steve Mawhorter between
                    March 2 – 15, with the following information:
                        a. Your name
                        b. Number of campsites needed would be 1
                        c. Top 3 campsite preferences, in order of priority.
                             Please refer to the Campsite Roster and Map tabs
                             to see available sites.
                             For example: “My name is Martha Smith and our
                             family would like one campsite: 14, 101 or 71, in
                             that order, or feel free to place us wherever you’d
                             like!” If you truly have no preference, let us know!


After the Priority Campsite Registration Window has closed, you/your group will be notified of your campsite assignments. At this time, each family will be asked to complete the registration process by clicking the link below beginning March 16, to fill out the registration form, submit your payment and sign up to volunteer at Family Camp. Please note, in order to secure your spot, we must receive each family’s registration and payment by March 29.

Click below for Priority Registration:

 Priority Registration

For those who choose not to register during Priority Registration, please see instructions below.

GENERAL ONLINE REGISTRATION will open Monday, March 30, and will remain open until June 26, or all campsites are filled.

 - Review the Campsite Roster and Map tabs to see which sites are
   still available, so that you can choose your top three campsite
 - Be sure you have created an account in Fellowship One (F1).
   Have your username and password handy.
 - After your registration information has been received and 
   processed, you will get a confirmation e-mail with your campsite

Click below for General Registration:

General Registration


- 2 nights: $75/campsite (highlighted in green on the roster)
- 4 nights: $200/campsite (highlighted in yellow on the roster)
- 5 nights: $250/campsite
- Offsite/day-use: $25:
    This is a one-time fee for those families staying off-site, but
    plan to join us for chapel and/or campfire. Off-site visitors also
    need to pay for their own day-use parking.


Available through June 26, less a $30 cancellation fee. After June 26, partial refunds only, if site can be re-sold.


Click Here for Camp Roster



To enlarge image, right click and select, open image in new tab.  Click on new tab to view. 



* Your own food and cookware
* Camp chair or stool for each person (Chapel seating)
* Tent
* Camp stove
* Camp lanterns and flashlights
* Day Packs (for hikes and picnics)
* Hand axe (band aids!)
* Rope for clothesline
* Wood for campfires (also available for purchase at the ranger station)
* Ice chest (no alcoholic beverages)
* No firearms/weapons (paintball, air soft, pellet, BB guns, etc.)
* Warm clothing for cold evenings
* Beach (towels, hats) and recreation gear
* Bible, journal/notepad, and pen
* Cards, games, and other family favorite pastimes
* Pest repellent and sunscreen
* Spending money for: various park/beach entry fees; ice, food, espresso drinks for someone you love (nearby store); quarters for showers; optional activities (dining out, kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, biking, etc.)

 What Else?

Bears: There are bears at Lake Tahoe! It is illegal to leave food out. There is a $1,000 fine that the rangers can levy if they so desire. All food must be placed in the steel boxes (these measure 36" deep x 43" wide x 22" high) that are provided at each campsite. Remember that a bear's sense of smell is 7 times greater than that of a Bloodhound, thus anything that has a scent (toothpaste, grape sunscreen, etc) should be stored in the locker. Bears recognize coolers as sources of food, so please do not store ice chests in your vehicle.

Safety Issues: All bikers are to wear helmets and they must not ride through the campsites. Drivers and bikers are to take extreme caution for other bikers. Caution your children about the danger of fire when using campfires. Lastly, please be careful when hiking through the woods to check yourself and your kids for ticks. Several in our church family have dealt with Lyme's disease and while this didn't happen at Family Camp, it's a good reminder!

We look forward to seeing you at Family Camp!



Getting to Sugar Pine Point:
From Interstate 80 take Hwy 89 to Tahoe City. Hwy 89 turns right (south) at the "Y." The Sugar Pine Point Campground turn off will be on the right, past the town of Tahoma. If you get to Meeks Bay you've gone too far; turn around. From Hwy 50, at South shore at Lake Tahoe take Hwy 89 north, continue north past Meeks Bay. The turn off for the campground will be on the left. Note: From the East Bay, with no traffic, Interstate 80 is the quicker route.

2:00 pm is the official check-in time. Tell the Ranger that you are with NorthCreek Church Family Camp and give them your site number and/or your last name. They'll have a spreadsheet with all your information and you should receive your parking sticker(s). 

Checking In:
Head straight to your site to set-up camp. You may see a sign at your site with someone else's last name on it (eg. Daggs, Byrne, Wenslawski), which indicates the person who made the reservation through the park on behalf of NorthCreek Church. The Director will be stopping by each of the sites to say hello and answer any questions you may have. The first activity will be the Friday evening BBQ. 

A campsite will be held for you until 12 noon the day after your arrival date. If you have not called the park before that time, you will be considered a "no show" and the park will cancel your reservation. 


According to one of the rangers at SPP, the parking rules are as follows: 

Group sites: A maximum of 10 licensed vehicles in any combination (5 cars, 3 trailers, 2 RVs; 10 cars; etc.) are permitted in each group site. Because there are 5 campsites per group site, each campsite is allotted two vehicles (a trailer counts as a vehicle). If there are more than 10 vehicles, the extras will need to be parked in the overflow area and will be charged $10/night. 

Individual sites: Each individual site is allowed one vehicle and one trailer. In year's past, the rangers have been very flexible and if you had two cars, as opposed to a car and a trailer, you weren't charged for the extra car. This year, we've been told that you'll be charged for the 2nd car. You can park it at the site but you will be charged $10/night. If you have more than two vehicles (of any kind), the extra vehicles are charged a fee and will need to be parked in the overflow area. 

Special notes: There are size restrictions on RV's. You might be assessed an extra charge and/or not be allowed to have them on the premises. Check the state park policy. In addition, it is very important that all wheels of all vehicles remain on the paved surfaces; not on the dirt.



Lots of help is needed to make Family Camp run smoothly! If you are over the age of 16, please sign-up below:

Sign Up Here

Children's Crafts: Assist the leader with a fun and creative craft project. 

Children's Chapel: Volunteers are needed to either lead or help supervise the children. 

Campfire: We have five campfires planned during the week. Work with our Camp Fireman (Joe Mullin) in setting up for and lighting the evening campfire. 

Friday Night BBQ: Help is needed with set-up and tear-down.

Please contact Steve Mawhorter to help with the following: 

     Photographer: Capture the highlights from the week. 

     Evening Entertainment Committee: Help plan evening campfire

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