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The Worship & Creative Arts Ministry at NorthCreek Church exists to edify the body through equipping and engaging the believer in Jesus Christ to sing their faith through psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs in corporate worship. W&CA Ministry is committed to strengthen vocalists and instrumentalists in worship, musical skill, and artistry.

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Foundations for Young Musicians


Foundations for Young Musicians is a weekly music education class offered through the Worship & Creative Arts Ministry at NorthCreek Church for students in grades 1st-5th. In this class, we will focus on students’ musical growth and knowledge through choral singing, playing wind and percussion instruments, composer and music theory concepts, creative movement, and learning hymn and folk repertoire. This kind of intentional music learning is achieved through group-focused, developmentally appropriate instruction that are musically rich, biblical, and accessible for young learners.

Classes will meet on Thursdays, February 23 – April 27, 4:00 – 5:00p.m.
1st – 2nd graders meet in WC 120
3rd – 5th graders meet in WC 123
(Includes an end of season evening program for families.)

To Register, Click Here

1. Is this class open to non-NCA or non-NCC families in our community?
At the present time, no.

2. Does my student need to be presently in a music class or private lessons in their school or home to participate?
No. This class is designed to develop foundational music skills and does not require any previous training.

3. Will private lessons be offered?
No, not during this class. While we encourage private music lessons, of course, this class is designed as a group music-making experience, and it will include singing and instrumental music (percussion and wind instruments).

4. Will my student be able to sing in a musical or perform a play?
No. This is not a community theatre program, a church children’s choir, or a school play. This a music class that is designed to develop music literacy through musically rich experiences that include listening, responding, creating, and valuing music that is a) of high artistic quality, and b) suitable for developing young musicians through appropriate music learning methods (Orff, Kodaly). While singing, playing, and performing music will be a part of each week’s class and our semester-end program, we will not hold auditions or assign speaking/acting/singing parts.

5. Can my student join this class anytime?
No. This class is offered to enrolled students only and will feature a structured time of music instruction. Class enrollment requires registration at the beginning of every Fall and Spring semesters. If you miss the registration, your student can join the class at the beginning of the next semester.

6. When and where can I register my student?
Registration for the spring semester will be open towards the end of January. More info to come soon.

7. Is there a fee for the class?
Yes. We will collect a registration fee per student for each semester. The fee will offset music instrument and sheet music usage. 

8. Will the students perform in the worship services at NorthCreek?
Maybe. We are not scheduling the students to perform yet in a worship service at NorthCreek Church. Our capstone program at the end of each semester will be a time when parents can watch their students perform and demonstrate what they have learned.

9. Will childcare be offered during the weekly music classes for siblings of students?
No. We do not have the staff to facilitate on-site childcare.

10. Can parents join the class with their students?
Yes, but with some conditions. If your student requires a parent/caregiver to fully participate, we encourage it. We love parents who wish to observe and/or volunteer! That said, we also know it is wise to keep parental attendance limited which allows students to focus with minimal distraction. Thank you for respecting our policy.

11. Will my student(s) be learning worship songs or hymns?
We desire to teach hymns by means of sharing the historical, theological, and musical value of church music. We also will use folk songs and classical music as a foundation of our curriculum.

Worship Band and Vocal Team

These instrumentalists and vocalists are experienced musicians that lead our congregation in worship for Sunday morning services and special events. Team members serve on a weekly basis and rotate usually 1-2 Sundays a month.

Application to Serve

NorthCreek Choir

These are vocalists from ages 16 through adult who meet weekly to rehearse for Sunday services and special events. NCC Choir rehearsal schedule runs September through May. We are always accepting new and returning choir members throughout the year. There are informational meetings once a season to get involved in this ministry.

Application to Serve

The Story Choir

Since 2012, NorthCreek Church has presented The Story, a program proclaiming the Gospel through “living art,” narration, and music. The musical commitment typically includes weekly rehearsal in October and November and leading up to the 6 performances in early to mid December. If you’d like more information, please email Doré Myers at  .

NorthCreek Orchestra

This ensemble is comprised of auditioned instrumentalists who prepare regularly throughout the fall and spring season for Sunday worship services and our Christmas and Easter presentations, including The Story. Orchestra instrumentalists who are proficient musicians from grade 9 through adults may participate. Age exceptions are made at the discretion of the director.

Our ministry is currently in need of the Strings, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion players.  If you are interested in serving, or have questions, click on Application to serve below. 

Application to Serve

Sound Production Team

These volunteers assist in Sunday morning and special events sound mixing, stage monitoring, and audio production support. To request information, call the church office, (925) 210-9036 or contact Dave Sweeris.

Application to Serve

Prayer Team

NorthCreek has a faithful Prayer Team that meets on Sunday mornings in the Large Conference Room in the Worship Center at 8:00 a.m. This is a time to pray for the church services, Sunday school classes, participants, and all the things happening on our campus each Sunday. You are welcome to join in the Prayer Team ministry at any time. You can email Doré Myers at with questions.


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