Biblical Counseling Training

Cornerstone for Christian Living Class

"Got questions? Need hope, wisdom, and encouragement?" The Bible has the answers.

This class provides a biblical foundation that equips us to deal with the challenges of life God’s way. Jeremy Pray (Pastor of Biblical Counseling) and Steve Mawhorter (Pastor of Adult Ministries) teach 32 lectures which cover over 105 biblical principles. It is so foundational and comprehensive that we also use it to train our future biblical counselors as they seek to help others (Colossians 1:28; 3:16; I Thessalonians 5:14; II Timothy 3:16,17).

This in-depth discipleship class covers topics such as: salvation, sin, repentance, anger and forgiveness, fear and worry, marriage and parenting, depression, and various life-dominating sins. 

Class Dates: Beginning Sept 9, 2020 - May 12, 2021
Class Time: Wednesdays 7 - 8:00pm
Location: We will meet on campus in the Courtyard once a month on Sept. 9, Oct. 7, Nov. 4. We will meet via Zoom the rest of the time. 
Cost: $30 for the Self Confrontation Manual and $10 for When People are Big and God is Small, by Edward Welch.

Before you register:  If you attended last season's 2019-2020 Cornerstone Class, please contact Steve Mawhorter.  This fall (2020), Steve plans to teach an additional Cornerstone Class option resuming from where we left off last season.

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The 2021 NCT (NorthCreek Counseling Training)

Each Fall NorthCreek hosts a 3-weekend Conference bringing speakers from around the country to provide training for those who are interested in growing in counseling and discipleship. We provide 2 tracks.  The Fundamentals track is for those who are first time attenders.  This training contributes 30 hours to the first phase of ACBC certification. The Advanced track is for those who have previously attended the Fundamentals track or Cornerstone Self-Confrontation Class.  These topics go deeper into biblical counseling and address complex problems from a biblical perspective. 

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Become a NorthCreek Church Counselor

Step 1: Cornerstone Class (Level 3)

Full completion of 45 hours of instruction through the Cornerstone class.  This class is offered as general discipleship to all students with varying levels of homework.  However, those who are interested in becoming counselors are required to complete the highest level of homework (level 3) which is well over 200 hours, including intense bible reading and additional reading from select resources. This class is offered Wednesday nights at NorthCreek Church, September-May. Homework is submitted and reviewed by the BCM pastor.

Step 2: Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling Class

Completion of the Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling class.  This class takes place in the summer and is only offered to those who have completed Step 1 (level 3), and it involves 10 weeks of instruction and role-playing.

Step 3: Observation

Counselor-trainees observe experienced counselors as they counsel real situations.  For various reasons, this time-frame can last from a few months to a year.

 Following these 3 steps, new counselors are assigned cases based on experience and case difficulty.

Step 4: Continuing Education

Each counselor is encouraged to pursue ACBC certification (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors), and to attend the annual NCT and ACBC conferences.

 ACBC Certification / Training

Phase 1 - Learning

Phase 1: Learning @ Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

1. Basic Training from an ACBC Certified Training Center, an ACBC Regional Conference, or an Online Training, the content is the same. The training includes 30+ hours. NorthCreek Church is an ACBC Certified Training Center and you may receive your 30 hours through the NCT conference - Fundamentals Track. An alternative method to receive training is by attending the year-long Cornerstone class while participating at the 3rd Level of homework.

2. Observation: You must complete 10 hours observing an ACBC Certified Counselor - either in person or via recorded counseling sessions. If you don't have access to directly observe these sessions, you may purchase DVDs to accomplish this step. (Visit ACBC's website to order Observation Videos.) You will want to visit ACBC's website to download their Observation log.

3. Reading: Additionally, you will need to complete 1,000 pages of theological and biblical counseling reading from ACBC's approved Reading List. At least 300 pages need to be from the "Biblical Counseling and Theology" category. You will want to visit ACBC's website to download their reading log.

Phase 2 - Exam / Application

Phase 2: Exams & Application @ Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

During this phase, you will be using your own words and clearly answering each question, supporting your answer with Scripture and clearly defining all technical terms. There is a Theology and Counseling Exam. Please refer to the ACBC website for details. Also, note that NCC has a series of ACBC Exam preparation videos available to assist you.

Phase 3 - Supervision

Phase 3: Supervision @ Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

In this phase, elements learned in Phase 1 & 2 are put into practice. During the course of the year, you will complete 50 sessions of supervised counseling with an ACBC Fellow. After you have completed 50 sessions of counseling that your supervisor is satisfied with, he will submit a recommendation for membership.

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