by on June 12, 2019

General Communication Tips:

  1. When you first communicate with a partner, identify yourself as an attender of NorthCreek, without including the word "church."
  2. Ask what is the best way to stay in touch: newsletter, Facebook, email, text, etc.
  3. If you write, you may include Bible verses without a reference.
  4. Focus on encouragement, without criticizing, judging, or giving advice.
  5. Send birthday/anniversary cards/emails and set a reminder on your phone.

Tips for Safe Communication:

  1. Do not refer to "missionary" instead use the term "partner."
  2. Do not mention the specific names of local people, other Christians or missionaries, or prayer requests partners may have put on a newsletter.
  3. Do not mention the specific country or people group the partners work among, but use regions like Southeast Asia (not Vietnam), Central Asia (not Turkmenistan).
  4. Do not mention or reference "Christian." Christian organizations, or the sending agency.
  5. Do not give out or forward partner names, addresses, or emails for any mailing lists.
  6. Do not criticize the government or religious beliefs in the area in which the missionary serves. Avoid politics.
  7. Do not include tracts, missions magazines, or Bibles in packages.
  8. Do not publish any information about the missionary on your personal Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  9. Do not use character substitution for sensitive words (e.g. "praying" )
  10. DO replace sensitive "Christian" terms with the following:
    Sensitive Term Replacement Term
    God/Lord father
    Jesus son
    Holy Spirit spirit
    Bible/Scripture/Gospel word/book
    Church family/community
    Missions/Evangelism/Ministry/Witness/Outreach work/activity/service
    Conversion/Salvation heart change
    Prayer thinking/asking
    Mission Agency team
    Pastor community leader