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Welcome to NorthCreek Books!

Since 2008, the NorthCreek Bookstore offers books helpful for your study and sanctification. The NorthCreek Bookstore exists to provide excellent Biblical resources for anyone who visits it. As a hybrid store, you can visit the brick-and-mortar store on our church campus or check out our website at northcreekbooks.comAll the books on the shelves in our store are also featured online. All resources are recommended and reviewed by our ministerial staff. 

Our helpful Bookstore volunteers and staff would love to help you find the right resource for your specific purchase. Whether the resource is for you, a friend or a family member, our selection of books has proven helpful for many customers. We aim to build Christians who worship God, walk in love, and witness to the world through God-centered and biblical resources. Please stop by!

To watch our instructional video for NorthCreek Books:

To visit NorthCreek Bookstore website,

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Welcome to the NorthCreek Café!

The NorthCreek Church Café opened in 2008 and is committed to providing excellent espresso drinks and a variety of hot and cold beverages. We want to provide much more than coffee, as we offer hospitality to all our guests. The Café is a friendly and convenient place to meet friends, fellowship, study, and receive counsel. 

Our staff and volunteers serve quality coffee and tea for our church family and guests on Sunday mornings and during the week. As a full-service espresso and beverage café, we provide beverage service to ministries and customers in many ways. Our helpful volunteers and staff would love to help you find the right beverage for your enjoyment and satisfaction.     

Welcome to the NorthCreek Library!

The Circulation Library, the main collection, is located in the Welcome Center in the Worship Center. This collection is available for reference and checkout. The Reference Library is located in WC223. This collection is available for reference and checkout.

Why Do We Have a Library?

We believe the library enables each of us to better fulfill our church's vision "to build Christians who worship God, walk in love, and witness to the world." This happens within the library ministry by providing audio/video materials and books of all types−commentaries, reference works, Christian history and biographies, theological studies, missions, ethics, current issues, Christian living, and more. Through all these
resources our hope is that we can, by the renewing of our minds: Be taught to worship God more fully, Be transformed to walk in love with one another in the church, and Be trained to witness about Christ to the world around us.

*  The NCC library contains thousands of biblically based books ranging from centuries to newly released, across a wide range of subjects.
*  Any church member/attender or visitor can check out a book at the library, along with searching our online catalog at Follett Destiny (see below "Follett Destiny"for more details.)
*  Many of the books available in the NorthCreek bookstore are also available to check out in the library.

Checking Out Books/Book Loan Policy:

*  Books can be checked out and renewed at the library in the Welcome Center at anytime the library is open.
*  During your first visit, you will be inputted into the system as a "patron" and then checking out books is very simple.

Book Loan Policy:

* Books in the Circulation Library (Welcome Center) may be checked out for two weeks.
*  Books in the Reference Library (Worship Center 223) may be checked out for two weeks. A Library volunteer can assist you in retrieving a book   from the reference library (may need to wait until the following week to pick up.)
* Books may be renewed for an additional two weeks if another patron has not placed a hold on the book.
*  All NCC members and regular attenders may have no more than three books checked out at any given time.
*  All other patrons may have no more than two books checked out at any given time.
*  If a book is not returned by the due date, a late fee of $0.25 per book per day will be charged.
*  If a book is lost or damaged, the patron will be responsible to pay for replacementcosts.

Follett Destiny

This easy to use web-based library cataloging program allows users to search all library holdings from any computer. The library online catalog is fast, comprehensive, and easy to learn. Go to Follett Destiny.

Under the "Catalog" tab, go to "Library Search" to find books. Refine your search either using "Basic," "Visual," or "Copy Categories" (tabs on the top right of the search page.) Use "Basic" for searching by title or author; Use "Visual" or "Copy Categories" for searching by category. Once you find the book you want, visit the church library in the Welcome Center to check it out.




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