Health and Ministry Update

 POSTED: Wednesday, March 25: 12:45pm

Dear Church Family,

“We give thanks to you, O God; we give thanks, for your name is near. We recount your wondrous deeds.”  Psalm 75:1

Giving thanks, recounting His wondrous deeds, and recognizing that He is near... good reminders for us all during this season of upheaval and uncertainty. May you continue to find strength and hope in our good God!
As we enter our second week of “sheltering in residence,” I thought a few updates would be helpful:
Sunday Services – Live streaming on our upgraded Vimeo platform has proven quite successful. What a blessing it was to see over 700 individuals/families worshiping together in this way. It’s not the same as being together, and I look forward to that day. In the meantime, however, I am thankful that we have this as an option and that the state has identified it as an essential function.
Ministries During The Week – Last week was used by the staff to get our bearings on how best to approach ministry life moving forward. I’m happy to announce that on Monday morning, Academy grades K-8 were back “in class” in their homes with their teachers providing instruction from their homes using video conferencing. It is truly amazing what they have accomplished in such a short period of time.
On the church side, several ministries will be starting back up this week using a video conferencing platform called Zoom. It’s a software program you will need to download if you want to participate in our midweek ministries. And it’s quite easy to use. You likely have already been, or will be contacted soon, if you are currently registered in 180 or Ignite DGs, the Life of Christ class, Impact, Kaleo, or Lighthouse... all of which will begin this week on their normal days and times. In the case of Cornerstone, you already have access to the videos for the remaining sessions. And Jon will be recording his class sessions and they will be uploaded to Vimeo ( for viewing on Wednesday evenings.
Scheduled Events – The various orders regarding “sheltering” and “not gathering” have obviously impacted a number of our scheduled events and will undoubtedly impact more in the future. We are making every effort to keep our website up to date with that information but our general posture is to keep events as scheduled until such time as we know that they cannot be held and must be postponed or canceled.
Church Website – We have been updating the banner on the home page to make certain information is easily accessible. We plan to continue to do this as needs arise. So feel free to check in periodically.
Giving – Finally, I thought it would be helpful to remind you that in addition to using our online giving option on the website or app, checks can still be mailed to the church if that is your preferred method of giving.
That’s it for this week. Know that you’re being prayed for and please reach out to your LifeStage pastor or elder, or any of us on staff, should you find yourself needing assistance.

All grace,

Senior Pastor
NorthCreek Church

POSTED: Wednesday, March 18: 2:45pm

Dear Church Family,

We continue to make adjustments here at NorthCreek and wanted to update you along a couple fronts.
Regarding ongoing ministry
We held an online, ministerial staff meeting yesterday morning to determine next steps across all ministry fronts. With the exception of Sunday live-streamed worship services, all ministry meetings are canceled this week while we plan ahead for future ministry needs. Here’s how that will happen.
  • Each pastor and director will be contacting their leaders to discern the best and most practical ways for their ministry to move forward while the shelter-in-place (or, “SIP”) mandate is in place. Once Jim and I hear back from them by the end of this week, we will work to synchronize and simplify our ministry approaches. For example, with ministries that can occur virtually, we are trying to avoid using multiple online platforms and wildly different ministry approaches during this time.
  • By early next week, each pastor or director will let those in their respective ministries know how each ministry will re-engage, or not, during the SIP. Lord willing, by next week, all continuing ministries will be ready to go, albeit in a simplified format. Some ministries will be canceled, unfortunately.

Regarding senior care and benevolence
We desire to care especially for our folks who are more “advanced in years.” I have been blown away by how the older generation has desired to not burden the younger with undue care. By all accounts, our senior saints are doing fine at this point. At the same time, let’s unite in prayer for those most vulnerable to exposure. Thank the Lord for our senior saints! I have also been blown away by how the younger generations are desiring to help and encourage the older generation in any way possible. We have students, singles, and young couples and families on standby in abundance, should any need arise. Thank the Lord for our younger generations! Please feel free to let your ministry leader, pastor, or elder know of any need or desire you have to to serve, and we will be glad to discuss those matters with you.

Friends, we are sailing in uncharted waters, but the Captain of our salvation is at the helm, and He will guide us through them. He has secured our salvation from sin, and He will secure our protection according to His will. Nothing is outside His control, Hebrews 2.8-18!

All grace,

Senior Pastor
NorthCreek Church

POSTED: Friday, March 13: 7:45pm

Dear Church Family,

Things have continued to develop quickly since our last communication. We are writing to let you know that we will hold Sunday worship services via LIVE-STREAM ONLY through the end of March, 2020. Logistics follow below, but let me assure you of our motivation first, as well as our response second. 

This decision has been arrived at through much prayer, through abundant elder and pastoral counsel, through consult with our medical advisory group, and with a desire to comply with our governing authorities’ most recent directives. This is not borne out of fear, but out of care for those most at risk in our church body and community. 

Part of my own thinking has been informed by Mark Dever, Pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, in Washington DC. He stated yesterday that his thinking was shaped by their church’s response 100 years ago to the Spanish Flu, when they suspended meetings for similar reasons. He quotes Pastor F. J. Grimké from 1918: “If avoiding crowds lessens the danger of being infected, it was wise to take the precaution and not needlessly run into danger and expect God to protect us.” 

We echo that same sentiment - it is not unwise to suspend meeting for the sake of others, given the many factors taken into consideration. And we would add that it is actually an action borne out of love for each other and for our neighbors. 

Second, how should we respond? On the one hand, this is a new experience for our church. In our church’s almost 65-year history, we have never had to walk through something like this. These are truly extraordinary times. On the other hand, this is not new for the church. Historically, the church has leaned into caring for the most vulnerable in times of crisis, out of love for them and a desire to reach them for Christ. Now is a great time for being careful, while also providing care. 

Finally, logistical details are as follows: 

  1. Again, we will not be meeting on campus for any of our regularly scheduled Sunday activities. We will, however, be live-streaming the worship service on our website and the NorthCreek app at 10:00AM each Sunday in March. We plan to live-stream the entire service, just like we normally would, so plan to worship with us this Sunday!

  2. Worshiping the Lord in our giving may be accomplished online through our website, using the NorthCreek or Pushpay app, or you can mail in or drop off your offering at the church office during the week.

  3. Based in large part on the latest medical information in our area, ALL mid-week activities here on campus are being suspended until further notice. This would include men’s and women’s ministries activities, student ministries activities, etc.

  4. It is our recommendation that regularly scheduled off-campus ministry activities also be suspended for the time being. Sometime next week, CG leaders will be hearing from their respective Pastor/Director with additional guidance. 

  5. Lastly, be aware that we are evaluating the practical viability of each of our Short-Term Ministry trips and those groups will be notified individually as more concrete information becomes available. 

From each of the elders and staff members, know that we’re praying for you. Additionally, it is our desire to serve you and be available for you, even as you serve and care for those around you. To that end, our church office will be open during its normal hours. 

Our series in Exodus is so helpful here, in that its central point is as relevant today as ever: we have been saved to worship, and saved to serve. That truth isn’t isolated to Exodus by the way—it’s the flow of the biblical gospel as well. Let us live out that gospel in these exceptional days. Then, when we’re able to gather back together again, we’ll unite our hearts and voices in even greater praise to the Lord for what He has done in and among us. 


All grace,


Senior Pastor
NorthCreek Church

POSTED: Wednesday, March 11: 11:45am


Centers for Disease Control
California Department of Public Health
Contra Costa Health Service
Contra Costa Health Service Guidance (March 13)
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NorthCreek Video Streaming

NorthCreek Family,  

By now, we are all too aware of the coronavirus epidemic hitting closer and closer to home. It seems like a lifetime ago when news headlines weren’t dominated by COVID-19 stories. And while some of us are weary of the headlines, more of us are probably quietly wondering about its trajectory. It can seem like we’re waiting for the storm to hit and are trying to figure out how to brace for impact.   

We can’t know the severity of the virus globally, nor the impact it will have locally, but we can be confident of this: God’s Word strengthens and guides us through these times—fully. His promises strengthen us: “fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)   

Promises for strength and truth for life abound in God’s Word for every matter of life, including this matter we face today. In that light, we want to provide an update on where things stand regarding the ministry here at NorthCreek.   

As Christians, we are called in any danger or trial to seek the Lord in prayer, asking for His wisdom and guidance. His guidance is paramount, so we must be a church of prayer—asking God for help and strength that comes from Him alone. 

We have assembled an advisory group that will provide counsel to the Church and School moving forward on best next steps through the virus season. Each member is medically trained, and ministry minded. 

Our leadership team is keeping up to date with the latest information available from both national and local health organizations. This is guidance we take seriously, and it will help inform decisions regarding future Church and School activities.   

We encourage you personally to keep up to date on current COVID-19 developments from trusted sources like the Centers for Disease Control, California Department of Public Health, and Contra Costa Health Services.  Yesterday, CCHS issued guidance with respect to larger gatherings. While it is not our intention at this time to cancel any of our programming, please feel the freedom to choose not to participate if you have concerns or are part of what is considered the higher risk population. 

Rest assured that we are staying current on the latest news and updates from official health organizations. Additionally, let’s be prayerful and thoughtful about differing preferences and opinions at this time. Some believe that this is of little consequence; others believe the opposite. Romans 14:19 comes to mind here: “So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding.” 

There is probably more to say, but it’s enough for now to remember that we worship and serve our great God and King, Jesus Christ, who loves you and will lead you through all that He will bring to you, for your good and His glory. We learned a new song at church recently that seems appropriate in this moment:  

“May it be, come what may, that I rest all my days, in the goodness of Jesus.”   

All grace, 

Senior Pastor
NorthCreek Church

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