Community Groups

These groups meet in homes, creating relaxed and comfortable environments. But community groups are more than supper clubs. By joining a group, or starting a group, you will experience deeper connections with other believers, deeper interactions with the Bible, and sweet intimate prayer as you care for one another. If this is something you would be interested in, please email

The Foundations CG is designed for people who want to be more involved in the church community while growing in their knowledge of the Bible.
 If you are brand new to the church, or if you have been attending Sunday Services and are looking to get more involved, this group is designed for you! This is also a great place to invite friends, neighbors or co-workers who do not attend NorthCreek. There will be something for everyone in this discussion-based study of God’s Word. Come join us for this time of prayer, Bible study and community!

Join us Monday evenings, beginning September 11 from 6:30 - 8:00pm in the Worship Center upstairs landing area.  For more information, email 


How often do groups meet?

We encourage groups to meet twice a month. Some groups occasionally do a split men's/women's prayer time or even men's/women's socials to facilitate/foster those unique relationships. Some have added a serving option, and some do a social every other month in addition to, or in place of a meeting.

Who facilitates the group?

Each group is led by one leader/facilitator who usually handles the communication needs between the group and the pastor who oversees the group.  This could be the same person/couple, or it may be another person/couple in the group. This does not mean these individuals are responsible to teach/facilitate the group each week. Other members may rotate that responsibility and often do.

Where do groups meet?

CGs meet in homes across the Diablo Valley. Some pick the same home to meet in every time, while others rotate from house to house.

How significant is the commitment level?

We have found that groups where ALL individuals are committed to making the group time a priority are groups that thrive. This is important to communicate from the very beginning, so that a culture of commitment and expectation is set.

What do we do for childcare?

Groups get creative with childcare and what may start working for one group may not work long-term. When groups have fewer kids, couples or individuals may want to rotate and watch the kids in a separate room while the rest of the group meets. Some families or entire groups choose to get their own sitters. Many rely on the grandparents who love the opportunity.  This is entirely up to your group and needs may change as the years go on.

Are groups age specific?  Is everyone in the group married?  Are they all single?

We have all kinds of groups.  Most groups are either married or singles groups, but not all.  Most groups are lifestage specific, though not all.  Each group is free to create their own environment. 

Do the groups grow and then split?

No.  That is not our intention.  These groups are intended for people who are committed to each other for a very long time.  They are going to “do” life together.  Growing and splitting, and growing and splitting, may add numbers but it will limit the intended intimacy within the group.  That doesn’t mean you can’t change your group.  You can do that anytime you want.  We just don’t design the groups for numerical growth.  We design them for spiritual growth and long-term care.

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